Worker Activism and Collective Bargaining

China's workers are increasingly well-organized: They are often able to elect their own representatives and successfully engage in collective bargaining.

Increasingly angry workers in Chongqing take to the streets once again

Chongqing is once again emerging as a centre of worker activism and unrest in China. In the two months leading up to the Lunar New Year Holiday there were at least 19 collective worker protests in the city, the same number as in Shenzhen.

Trade Union Organizing and Training

China's workers lack real trade union representation. CLB and our mainland partners encourage workers to reclaim the union for themselves.

In China, there is no firefighters’ trade union and it shows

The lack of a trade union in China that is dedicated to the protection of firefighters has led to an under-staffed, poorly-trained and poorly paid workforce that has now suffered what is probably the worst tragedy in its history. Photo: China Daily

Work safety in China

Work safety is one of the most serious issues affecting China's workers: Employers and the government need to take it seriously too.

Calls to improve China’s work safety go unheeded in 2015

The Tianjin warehouse disaster that killed 173 people prompted calls from the highest levels of government to improve work safety in China but there has been no indication since then that safety has improved. Photo Shenzhen waste dump collapse from Xinhua..

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