Worker Activism and Collective Bargaining

China's workers are increasingly well-organized: They are often able to elect their own representatives and successfully engage in collective bargaining.

An indomitable spirit: Labour activist Meng Han talks about his prison ordeal and the continued fight for workers’ rights in China


After being released from in prison in 2014, Meng Han immediately vowed to continue fighting for workers’ rights in China. Now, after completing another prison sentence on 3 September, it is clear that nothing has changed

Trade Union Organizing and Training

China's workers lack real trade union representation. CLB and our mainland partners encourage workers to reclaim the union for themselves.

Sack them for Striking. Arrest them for Protesting. Imprison them for Organising – Chinese Workers Are Not Going to Give Up


China’s ‘core leader’ Xi Jinping ordered the ACFTU to come up with a plan to improve workplace representation. Xi’s anti-corruption drive won him considerable support among China’s workers. But he cannot afford to sacrifice it, particularly in the run-up to this year’s 19th Party Congress.

Work safety in China

Work safety is one of the most serious issues affecting China's workers: Employers and the government need to take it seriously too.

Workers at unsafe jobs left with nothing after strike


A two week strike at German-owned factory in Shenzhen ended after a police crackdown, though workers with occupational illnesses are still seeking recourse 

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