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China Labour Bulletin welcomes volunteers and interns who wish to make a contribution to, and learn more about, labour rights in China. Ideally, interns should have a good understanding of legal, social and economic issues in China, previous experience of working in mainland China and a high level of spoken and written Chinese. However, we are happy to consider applications from those who have little China experience but who can offer specific skills and expert knowledge that would enhance CLB’s work, particularly in the fields of collective bargaining, labour organizing, documentary film and media advocacy.

Over the last few years our interns have played a key role in developing CLB’s legal case database, assisted our lawyers in managing CLB’s legal caseload, conducted primary research for our research reports, helped with our advocacy and outreach work, transcribed and translated audio for CLB’s documentaries, and produced summaries of CLB’s research reports in French, German and Italian.
If you would like to volunteer or intern for CLB please send an email to intern@clb.org.hk stating when you would be available and the kind of work you are interested in doing. Please attach a copy of your curriculum vitae with your application. We will reply personally to all inquiries and attempt to find a role for you that benefits both you and China Labour Bulletin.
Testimonials from former interns and volunteers at CLB
Darcy Pan - Summer 2013
During my internship at CLB, I was responsible for translating some teaching material for the organization's collective bargaining project. Because of this, I was able to learn more about how CLB carries out its collective bargaining project in collaboration with their partners in China. The experience has been so rewarding that I have gained a good understanding of how a Hong Kong labor organization contributes to the workers' movement in China. I am grateful for having been given this opportunity  to work with CLB and for the CLB staff who made time and shared with me their experiences of working with labor issues in China.
Shen Yu – Summer 2011
My experience at China Labour Bulletin has been amazing and I would recommend the opportunity to self-motivated students or young professionals who are interested in labour issues in China, the world’s second largest economic entity today. When I interned at CLB over the summer of 2011, I was given the freedom to choose the tasks I wanted to work on – documentary editing, feature article drafting and researching. Everyone at the office was inspirational. They were patient and provided me clear instructions and helpful advice. The opportunity has helped me apply my knowledge learned in school and form a better picture of what an NGO can do for society.
Jeremie Beja – Winter 2010
During my internship at CLB I managed to have a better understanding of the workers' movement in China and of the way CLB works. Translating CLB's research papers and participating in conferences involving mainland and Hong Kong scholars as well as other NGOs working on the same issues, made me understand better the challenges faced by the workers themselves and by the political system as a whole in the near future. I think CLB is the perfect place to be for people interested in the political, economic and social situation in China, especially now that the Chinese workers are becoming more and more assertive.
Barbara Wang – Summer 2010
I am a law student from Hong Kong. Before I interned in CLB in the summer, I had been working for some private companies but never worked in a NGO before. Having my summer internship in CLB is a very unique experience for me and turns out to be a very rewarding one. My duty was mainly to do the legal research, to collaborate with people from other organizations, and to help with reports. I have two supervisors, who offered me great help throughout the time. The best thing about working here is you enjoy a lot of flexibility. You are free to think for yourself and be creative. You of course have to follow the instructions, but are encouraged to be creative in improving the results. I appreciate the trust and it helps me learn a lot about the actual work that CLB does and the spirit that it is promoting.
Jessica Lau – Summer 2010
Sharon Chiang – Summer2009
Working as an intern at CLB was a precious experience for me. As an intern of CLB, I needed to manage the database of the legal cases subsidized by CLB. The plaintiffs were victims whose human rights were exploited when they worked. Some victims suffered from fatal diseases as they had to work at a very bad environment and they did not get enough protective measures from their employers. Reading their cases made me reflect on my own life and fine-tune my attitude toward life. All of my colleagues were very friendly and willing to teach me. The three-month internship really widened my horizons.
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