Foxconn workers in Foshan strike over low pay

27 June 2019
Several thousand workers at a Foxconn affiliate in Foshan staged a strike on Monday 15 November.

According to the Workers’ Forum (工人论坛) network, the primary cause of the protest at Foxconn Premier Image Technology was the dissatisfaction of skilled workers over a planned pay rise, which would see the basic pay of both production line workers and skilled workers increase to 1,400 yuan a month.

Management was forcing workers to sign the new contract, the report said.

Some reports claimed up to 7,000 of the 20,000 employees at the plant took part in the work stoppage on Monday morning. A photograph on the Workers’ Forum showed the boss of Premier Image Technology with a megaphone exhorting employees to return to work. Workers said they had been threatened with dismissal if they did not abandon the strike action.

Although several reports of the strike were posted on the Internet by citizen journalists this week, the mainstream media in China has largely ignored the action.
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