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In this Issue: 1. LABOUR DISPUTES & ACTIONS - 1,000 Military Police Force into Former PLA Factory in Chongqing 2. UPDATES ON THE HEALTH CONDITIONS OF IMPRISONED LIAOYANG WORKERS - Xiao Yunliang Receives Operation to Save Eyesight, then is Sent Back to Prison 3. COURT PROCEEDINGS
More than 1,000 military police and police officers sent by the Chongqing Municipal Government forcefully occupied a factory formerly owned by the army in the early morning of 30 August, in an attempt to end a mass protest by workers against the ownership restructuring of the factory, according to workers there interviewed by China Labour Bulletin.
At around 6.40pm on 9 May 2004, a coalmine collapse occurred at the Futong Coalmine in Qujing City, in northern Guangdong Province. Two miners and their supervisor were buried inside the pit with little chance of survival. One miner managed to escape in time.
The Second Anniversary of Mass Protests – One worker dead
4 January 2004 Dear XX, How do you do? I am writing to provide you with some information about the Dazhou Taxi-owners's complaint-action (which covers the planning of our strategy in Sichuan, our meeting with the State Council's Letter & Complaints Office in Beijing and the subsequent detentions in Chengdu).
China Labour E-BulletinIssue No. 16 (2004-03-07)
In this Issue: 1. Editor's Note ******************************************************************************* Editor's Note In this Issue: ______________________________________________________


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