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Zhang Guangli was a worker at the No. 1 Steel Plant operated by Angang New Steel Co Ltd., a subsidiary of the Angang Steel Group in Anshan city, Liaoning province. On 23 April 1993, Zhang had four fingers and the skin on the thumb of his left hand torn off while operating a machine at work.
Workers seeking back pay from negligent employers have been attacked by thugs, detained by police and threatened not to talk to the foreign media. On 15 January 2008, Wang Chao a migrant worker from Sichuan had an arm chopped off by hired thugs from the construction company in Nanjing when he attempted to obtain the wages owed him.
The following is an updated list of imprisoned labour rights activists in China jointly compiled by China Labour Bulletin and the Hong Kong Liaison Office of the international trade union movement (IHLO)
A CLB Case Intervention
The Xianyang textile workers' strike was a major event in the recent history of China's labour movement for several reasons. The number of workers who took part in the strike – over 6,800 – is highly significant, as is the fact that most of these workers were women. And the length of the strike – almost seven weeks – makes it probably the longest recorded industrial action in China's post-1949 history.
The owner of a privatized mine in an impoverished rural county in Hunan has allegedly paid the county government two million yuan so that police could prevent striking miners from petitioning the p . . .
In two separate incidents over the last week, local riot police and security guards have been used to break up peaceful workers' protests.
At 7.00pm on 29 June 2007, more than 3,000 workers at the giant Shuangma Cement Plant in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, downed tools and went on strike to protest against the company's proposed se . . .
In this issue, CLB director Han Dongfang examines the background to and the root causes of the Shanxi brickyard slave labour scandal, and we reproduce two short news items from the website that support the findings of our research report on child labour, a revised and updated English version of which will be published shortly.


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