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Zhang Yuanxin, the well-known and respected lawyer who was at the forefront of the campaign to end discrimination against people with HBV, the virus that causes Hepatitis B, died in a Beijing hospital on 7 November 2013 after succumbing to liver failure. He was 49.
A recent graduate from Anhui is suing the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, accusing it of discrimination in its job recruitment drive.Su Min (pseudonym) is demanding a formal apology and 50,000 yuan in emotional damages after the bureau specified that applicants must have a Nanjing household registration.
The vast majority of China’s public institutions (事业单位) blatantly discriminate against job applicants from outside their local area, the Legal Daily reported today.
Guangzhou education authorities may reverse a policy which bars HIV carriers and people with sexually- transmitted diseases from teaching - a first for a country which has traditionally had a tough approach towards workers sufferering from these diseases.
A Chinese province is likely to abolish mandatory HIV tests for teachers, state media said Tuesday, making it the first region on the mainland to eliminate the measures long-branded as discriminatory.
The Chinese government has implemented a whole raft of policies over the last decade to improve the lives of migrant workers’ children. However, a new survey published by the All-China Women’s Federation shows that between 2005 and 2010, the numbers of left-behind children and migrant children in the cities both increased, while the long-standing issues of separation, loneliness and vulnerability, as well as the lack of access to decent education, healthcare and social services remained largely unresolved.
A 23-year-old graduate from Anhui has written a formal complaint letter to the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security accusing it of discrimination in its recruitment drive.
As several hundred migrants from Anhui staged a protest in Beijing on 8 May demanding a proper investigation into the suspicious death of a young migrant at a local market, police descended in force and helicopters circled above to make sure the protest did not get out of hand. Front page photograph of a now demolished migrant community in Beijing.
In what is believed to be the first court case involving Hepatitis B discrimination in China’s airline industry, charter flight operator, Capital Airlines is being sued for 50,000 yuan for refusing to employ a pilot because he had HBV, the virus which causes Hepatitis B. Photograph of beijing Capital Airport by Neotank available at under a creative commons licence.
There are an awful lot of obnoxious and abusive bosses in China. Encouragingly, however, more and more employees are refusing to take it anymore and are blowing the whistle on their boss’ excesses.


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