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As Foxconn employees returned to work at the company’s Taiyuan plant after the massive riot early Monday morning that made international headlines, the online discussion about the causes of the disturbance and what to do next continued. Photograph of Foxconn plant in Shenzhen.
China Labour Bulletin is quoted in the following articles. Copyright remains with the original publisher Bloomberg: Foxconn Workers Labor Under Police Watch After Riot Shuts Plant
A riot at an electronics factory left at least 40 people injured and sparked a response by thousands of police Monday, highlighting how Chinese manufacturers increasingly are caught between restive workers and a slowing economy.
A young migrant worker lost his right arm preventing an accident in a Hunan railway yard. He was hailed as a hero but, as he tells Han Dongfang, he struggled to get his promised compensation.
Around 10 groups that offer help to the millions of migrant workers living  and working in Shenzhen have suffered random inspections and evictions, some of  which turned violent, said the letter seen by AFP on Monday.
The prize for Most Misleading Headline of the Week goes to the China Daily last Friday for its proclamation “Migrant children to sit gaokao in cities.” If true, this would be the answer to millions of migrant workers’ prayers for their children who, have to return “home” to the countryside to take the national college entrance exam. Photo by emop, available at flickr under a creative commons license..
The hosiery business has been good to the entrepreneurs of Datang, who rode out the 2008 crisis and recovered. But now business is slowing again – and experts fear that may presage a hard landing for the whole country
Job cuts in China appear to be on the rise, dimming prospects for a labor market that has been a resilient bright spot amid a slowdown in the world's second-largest economy.
The job market in China, particularly in the more economically developed eastern provinces, contracted noticeably in the second quarter of this year. According to the latest labour market survey published by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, China’s eastern region saw the number of job applicants increase by 132,000 in the second quarter, while the number of job vacancies only increased by 5,000 compared with the first quarter.
Zhao Lupo is a hero. The 40-year-old migrant worker from Anhui reportedly saved five people during the devastating rainstorm that hit suburban Beijing last week. But when he went to the local village disaster relief office he was told to get lost because local villagers had priority in the distribution of relief supplies.


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