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The number of migrant worker deputies attending the National People’s Congress (NPC) in Beijing has increased tenfold from just three last year to 31 deputies this year. However, that still represents little more than one percent of the total number of NPC deputies or about one deputy for every eight million migrant workers. Photograph of the Great Hall of the People by Amanda and Andy availabe at under a creative commons license.
Four Chinese bus drivers in Singapore were sentenced to jail terms of up to seven weeks for their part in a strike over unequal pay and poor living conditions late last November.The Singapore court announced the sentences on 25 February after the four drivers suddenly agreed to plead guilty. Photograph of Singapore bus by Ian Fuller available @ under a creative commons license.
Two of the millions of workers who went home for the Lunar New Year holiday took our reporter along, offering a glimpse of joy and sadness in the life of a migrant family
At this very moment, in a major Chinese city, a worker is boarding a train home. His journey is just one of 3.4 billion trips that will be taken during China's Lunar New Year. An unprecedented number of Chinese will travel home this year to be with family and friends during the holiday, making it the world's largest annual migration of people.
Four Chinese bus drivers will stand trial in Singapore on 4 March accused of staging an illegal strike last November. The four bus drivers had been detained on 29 November 2012 and charged under article 10(a) of the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act. They were later released on bail.
Construction workers from Wuhan say dance was the only way to draw attention to problems
Despite long-standing complaints by business-owners about severe wage inflation in China, figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics today show that the disposable income of urban residents increased by only 9.6 percent last year after adjusting for inflation.
When the cost of labour started to rise in China, many manufacturers thought it would be a smart move to decamp to smaller Asian countries such as Cambodia. The workers there had other ideas.
China’s next generation of workers must evolve or be left behind.
Strikes by bus drivers are a regular occurrence in China, with drivers in one city or another suspending services in protests at pay and working conditions just about every week: Not so in Singapore where there has not been a strike of any description since the 1960s. Not until last week, that is, when nearly 200 Chinese bus drivers went out on strike over unequal pay.Photograph of Serangoon Gardens dormitory courtesy of Stephanie Chok.


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