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Benjamin Teare travelled extensively from Guangzhou to Beijing to Kashgar, talking to workers, artists, factory owners and trade union officials about developing workers' theatre in China..
At least 16 people, including three young children, were killed in a fire at an agricultural wholesale market in Shenzhen in the early hours of Wednesday morning. A family of six, who were sleeping at the market, reportedly lost their lives in the tragedy.
Guangdong has announced that the children of migrant workers will be allowed to take the national university examination in Guangdong instead of having to return to their “home” province, But conditions apply. Photo by Remko Tanis; available at
China's second richest man Zong Qinghou recovering well after being assaulted for refusing to give suspect a job
Shanghai women produce, on average, just 0.7 children in their lifetime. This reluctance to reproduce is creating numerous social and economic problems including not having nearly enough local children to fill the city’s schools.
Han Dongfang talks to former miners determined to fulfill a colleague’s wish that they continue their fight for compensation after his death from pneumoconiosis last year.
Five elderly sanitation workers who are demanding compensation for wages in arrears and years of unpaid overtime, social insurance contributions and other allowances have been told they are not eligible for compensation because they have already exceeded the statutory retirement age.Photograph by Delfryn Design available at
The Beijing airport bombing that shocked the nation on 20 June not only raised questions about the fairness of China’s legal system but also highlighted the lack of effective channels for migrant workers seeking redress for injustice.
Han Dongfang talks to one of the Chinese bus drivers deported from Singapore after staging a high-profile strike in the city state last November.
There are an estimated 262 million rural migrant workers in China. They have been the engine of China’s spectacular economic growth over the last two decades but, because of the household registration system, they are still marginalized and discriminated against. Their children have limited access to education and healthcare and can be separated from their parents for years on end.


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