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A petro-chemical plant worker from Jilin talks to CLB Director Han Dongfang about his struggle to get compensation and proper medical treatment for arsenic poisoning.
Han Dongfang talks to a coal miner who was ordered to work in a dusty underground mine even after tests had revealed the deadly lung disease pneumoconiosis.
When workers in China reach the statutory retirement age they are no longer technically workers. Under Chinese law, they are deemed not to have an “employment relationship” (劳动关系) and are instead categorized as labour service providers (劳务关系), similar to domestic helpers etc.
Han Dongfang talks to former miners determined to fulfill a colleague’s wish that they continue their fight for compensation after his death from pneumoconiosis last year.
After more than two months of protest, about 150 healthcare workers at the Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University Hospital have accepted a compensation offer from their employer of 20,000 yuan each.
A tire plant in eastern China is poised to change foreign owners, but the takeover isn't sitting well with the more than 5,000 Chinese workers employed at Cooper Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co.
Zhang Haichao talks to the Southern Metropolis Daily about his lung transplant operation and his controversial decision to reveal a secret deal with the local government in Henan in which he actually got double the 615,000 yuan compensation that was publicly announced at the time. Photograph by CLB.
Four years ago, a group of stone workers suffering from the deadly lung disease pneumoconiosis petitioned their local government for assistance. Their employer, Guo'an Silica Co. had closed down, leaving them with no insurance and no money to pay their mounting medical bills.
Hundreds of workers on Kweichow Moutai’s construction sites have contracted the pneumoconiosis and dozens have already died. Photograph by the smiths
AN AMERICAN factory boss in China held hostage for five days by workers said he won't be released until a labour dispute is resolved.


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