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Police in the southern city of Chaozhou have detained nine protestors after a demonstration by more than 200 migrant workers escalated into violence on 6 June, with several cars being smashed and dozens of people injured.
First came the suicides. Then came the fatal explosion. Now the Taiwanese company that toils in the shadow of high-profile clients such as Apple is facing another blow - losing its blue-chip status.
A deadly explosion at a Chinese factory making iPads for Apple has focused attention on lax industrial safety standards that continue to plague many Chinese workers, while raising supply chain risks in the high-end electronics sector.
A workers rights group that accused Hon Hai Precision Industry of neglecting a ventilation problem in its factories that may have contributed to the Chengdu explosion last week released video footage Tuesday of workers covered in silver-gray dust that the group says illustrates their earlier allegations against the giant electronics manufacturer.
A fire swept through an illegally constructed garment factory and dormitory in the southern outskirts of Beijing early Monday morning, killing 18 people and injuring 23 others.
Deng Xiaoping announced in 1992 that ‘to get rich is glorious’, opening up the floodgates of economic expansion but also exploitation, inequality and corruption
While China has been the world's factory for some years now , it is also fast becoming a big exporter of cheap labour. By 2009, there were almost 800,000 Chinese workers in more than 190 countries
The 200,000 migrants from China working in Singapore suffer abuse, discrimination and violations of their rights but few can obtain legal redress because they are under the control of their employers, according to a report by the China Labour Bulletin.
Foreign workers in Singapore—some 200,000 of them Chinese migrants, work long hours for low pay in frequently hazardous conditions and are often abused by employers and labor contractors, according to a new research report published by the China Labour Bulletin, a Hong Kong-based NGO.
How Chinese workers are recruited to work in Singapore, the working conditions and discrimination they endure, and how, when no longer needed, they are sent back to China. Photo of workers in Singapore by dominiqueb available at


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