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After a campaign lasting nearly two months, a group of 59 workers at Tongxin Jewellery in Foshan has finally secured support from the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions in a dispute with their employer over low pay, social insurance and housing fund contributions.
A massive explosion that killed at least 75 people and wounded 186 at a Chinese metal works plant is highlighting how the country continues to struggle with worker safety.
In the wake of Saturday’s massive explosion at a Kunshan factory that killed at least 75 workers and injured 180 others, a group of labour activists and academics has issued an open letter arguing that workers should be given the right to supervise workplace safety.
Five officials, including two senior executives, from an automotive components plant in Jiangsu have been detained by police in the wake of China’s worst industrial accident so far this year, China’s official media reported.
Han Dongfang talks to two workers with different views on the strike over low pay and bonuses at the Dynacast automotive components plant in Shanghai in May this year.
A nearly two-year-long slump in China’s coal industry is forcing miners to get organized and start taking action.Photo from Sina Weibo: Workers at the Zijin Mining Co in Hebei on strike 26 March.
About 100 workers and supporters crammed into the tiny Henggang Labour Arbitration Court in Shenzhen on 25 July to hear a complaint filed by 73 employees of GCL Footwear who were sacked after taking part in a strike.
No one talks about the Tonghua Incident much these days but it is important to mark the anniversary, if only to remind us of how far the workers’ movement in China has come. Photo of sunset in Jilin by CLB.
More than 200 striking workers at Taiwanese-owned QLT Golf Supplies in Shenzhen (奇利田高尔夫用品 (深圳) 有限公司) went back to work today after negotiations with management on 22 July.
On the morning of 17 July 2014, Zhou Jianrong, a 49-year-old worker at the GCL Footwear factory in Shenzhen, jumped to her death from the top of a four-storey workshop inside the factory complex. Zhou Jianrong’s husband and daughter, together with her co-workers, gather at the scene of the tragedy on the evening of 17 July.


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