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Samsung Electronics has suspended business with a Chinese supplier accused of hiring child workers, after finding evidence to suggest the allegations are accurate.
Labour regulations proposed in Guangdong would establish a legal framework for collective negotiations between workers and management
State media says 192 underage labourers were given fake papers for jobs at Dongguan plant
That was quite the demonstration by the citizens of Hong Kong on Tuesday — half a million protesters, by some estimates, braving tropical downpours to tell the Politburo in Beijing that they wanted to choose their own leaders.
A recent study by the Hong Kong-based China Labour Bulletin shows that while China's wages have increased over the past two decades, so has the chasm between rich and poor.
Chinese banking regulator Li Jianhua literally worked himself to death. After 26 years of “always putting the cause of the party and the people” first, his employer said this month, the 48-year-old official died rushing to finish a report before the sun came up.
By eschewing the role of dissident, organizers allow the Communist Party to respond either favorably or neutrally to their actions, rather than repressing them.
This month's episode of On China with Kristie Lu Stout focuses on China's civil society and airs for the first time on Thursday, June 26, 4:30 pm Hong Kong/Beijing time
An arbitration commission in China has ordered the reinstatement of 40 workers who were sacked for going on strike, in a historic move for labour rights in China.
About 500 employees of a factory in South China owned by Swiss engineering group ABB have gone on strike over compensation and low social insurance contributions by the company, a worker and an activist said on Wednesday.


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