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On continuing strikes, reforms to the taxi sector, the NPC and more
In this episode, William, Geoff, and Jennifer discuss continued strikes in February, reforms to the taxi sector, the status of women in China, and some proposals currently before the NPC.

On two collective cases, shifting legal fees, and Apple
In this podcast, William and Geoff discuss two new collective cases, how shifting legal fees to negligent employers may help workers, and problems at Apple.

China's vocational schools and the state of the labour market in Shenzhen
William Nee and Geoffrey Crothall discuss CLB's new study of the vocational school system in China and the exploitation of interns, while Jennifer Cheung talks about her latest trip to a job fair across the border in Shenzhen.

On CLB's most recent research report Unity is Strength: The Workers' movement in China 2009-2011
In this podcast, Geoffrey Crothall and William Nee discuss CLB's report on the state of the workers' movement, a legal case in which 75 Sichuan miners sued the government, and Han Dongfang's recent op-ed.

On a wave of transport strikes...and more
In this podcast, William Nee and CLB's Chinese Website Editor Jennifer Chueng discuss recent taxi strikes, the closing of migrant worker schools in Beijing, and a conference on pneumoconiosis at Hong Kong University.

On chengguan, a migrant workers' museum in Guangzhou, and more
In this podcast, Geoff and William discuss China's least liked workers: chengguan. We also talk about a controversial proposal to build a migrant workers musuem in Guangzhou, and three recent mining accidents.

Finally, we encourage listeners to check out China Labor Watch's new report about conditions in the electronics industry -- Tragedies of Globalization: The Truth Behind Electronics Sweatshops.

On Han Dongfang's recent op-ed and CLB's newest report on chinese workers in Japan
In this episode, William and Geoff discuss CLB executive director Han Dongfang's op-ed in the Guardian, which urged the international trade union movement to engage with the ACFTU. Also, we discuss our recent research report: "Throwaway Labour: the exploitation of Chinese "trainees" in Japan".

Heilongjiang worker's struggle mirrors tragic Jiangxi case
In this podcast, William and Geoff discuss a worker's twelve year battle for justice, and its parallels with the recent tragedy in Jiangxi. We also discuss some of the problems young white collar workers face in China, including the difficulty in setting up unions, and the tough job market.

Intro music by Dick Gaughan.

Trucking Strike in Shanghai and more...
In this podcast, William and Geoff discuss the recent truckers strike in Shanghai, Han Dongfang's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times article on the China's chaotic trucking industry, and  a fire in a factory in Beijing that killed 18 workers.  (Faded out music by the Grateful Dead).

Will Chinese workers get the right to strike? Also, collective bargaining at Honda, and more
In this episode, William and Geoffrey discuss proposals at the NPC to give workers the right to strike. We also mention collective bargaining at the Honda plant in Foshan, another tragic coalmine disaster in Guizhou, and Geoff's recent on the ground observations from Dongguan. (Intro music by Dick Gaughan).